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Empowering Farmers: A Smarter Way to Farm



African smallholder farmers, especially women, face a significant barrier to growth – limited access to crucial machinery due to fragmented rental markets and the financial burden of ownership. 


Tractor/Combiner Owners

Disorganized booking systems, inefficient travel due to scattered demand, and lack of real-time equipment data expose tractor owners to fuel theft, revenue loss, and missed maintenance, ultimately hindering the agricultural ecosystem.


Call Center

The centrally located call center is dedicated to link smallholder farmers with mechanization service providers. Our operators are trained to understand the needs of the farmers and are ready to serve with high valued service and customer satisfaction attitude.


Ground Impacts

We strive to

Simple and Equal Access

Bypassing complicated interfaces, our platform seamlessly connects farmers (95.2% prefer calls) with service providers, empowering women and disadvantaged groups who struggle with traditional negotiation methods and fostering efficiency across the agricultural ecosystem.

Profitable Service Providers

Hello Erf bridges the mechanization gap in Africa with a mobile-first platform empowering women farmers, streamlining booking for service providers (real-time tracking included!), and boosting profitability for all through efficient order aggregation and market access.

Rural Job Creation

The ground work of Hello Erf will create many different job opportunities for youth in the rural area. They can serve their community by coordinating demand and supporting service providers locally. Trained operators and mechanics can setup mechanization service centers and oil shops. Hello Erf can support these youth by promoting them to service providers.

Founder Of Company

Alazar Michael (Co-founder and Business Development Manager)

Electrical engineering (BSc) educational background and 10 years multi-disciplinary expertise of technology and agribusiness with a proven track record of project implementation and agricultural market development. Leading the successful commercialization of an improved grain storage technology which now is widely being used by smallholder farmers. Using ICT as a tool to promote and link agricultural input suppliers and smallholder farmers are some to mention. 

Gizachew Mesfine (Co-founder and General Manager)

With 10 years of in-depth experience in marketing, management, and coffee export in the private sector Gizachew understands both local and international business dynamics very well. Having been involved in many different sectors including hospitality, logistics, and coffee production and export and with a BA degree in marketing management from Addis Ababa University Gizachew has gained a strong reputation and trust among the people and companies he has worked with including the current coffee exporting client Arfassa General Trading PLC who is one of the top 10 coffee exporting companies in Ethiopia.

Mobile Platform

Our user-friendly app streamlines communication with service providers, saving you time and resources.

Hello Erf Mobile App

Manage your farm on the go! The Hello Erf app is your one-stop shop for all things mechanization. Easily find and book service providers, track equipment in real-time, and manage your farming operations with a few taps. (This highlights the key features and benefits of the app)

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Features We Offer

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Easy To Manage

Service providers can easily manage their machinery and operators under them. Gives them the flexibility to manage one or more tractors, combiner harvesters at a time.  

Analytics Tool

Service provision will be analyzed from different perspectives that help actors of the value chain could make informed decisions. 

Cost Reduction

Hello Erf reduces the transaction cost of accessing mechanization for farmers and reduces the costs for service delivery. Service providers manage their income increasing profitability.   

Foster Productivity

Increasing the efficiency of mechanization service provision will promote farmers' productivity and service providers' profitability. 

Our initial inspiration

Unleash the power of Hello Erf! Watch our video and dive deep into the innovative workflow transforming how farmers connect with mechanization services. See the future of agriculture unfold before your eyes.

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